Well, yesterday I decided to take a picture of one of the huge cactus plants I have in my front yard and I posted it  in a group I have been following in regards to gardening and asked if anyone knew what kind of cactus it was and how to remove it.  I was amazed at how many commented. I am in no way a great user of the social media.  I struggle with it.  But I was amazed at all the comments.  A few were hilarious, and a lot of debating between them as to what kind of cactus it is.  The closest I can figure is it is a Buck-horn Cholla

Though I did get some suggestions that I might try.  One was to call around to landscaping companies and see if they would like any of the cactus and if they do make a deal to give to them for free if they dig out and take away all the other cactus.   Also another suggestions was to contact a group that is all about cactus, and post on their site and see if anyone wants the cactus. The last suggestion was to put pictures out on Craigslist and see if I can get rid of them that way.



My Journey

frontyard    I have been living in Phoenix Arizona for the past 27 years.  Yes it hot here six months of the year (or at least it feels that way to me.)

I have always loved all kinds of greenery, flowers, etc. but i have been known to have a very black thumb. When I was a child, I remember fruit and vegetables have such a great flavor. Now when I buy them in the store they are flavorless.  I really want to change that. I have always wanted to have a garden, grow my own vegetables, herbs. But I have always been confused about the growing seasons in Arizona, I grew up in the Midwest where you had definite seasons, but here in Phoenix  when do you plant what? and then I was confused as to what really can grow here in Phoenix?  I started within the last year searching urban gardening.  I was amazed that Arizona grows a lot of things I would have thought impossible.  That leads to something called micro climate planting, so I want to incorporate this as well into my garden.

My journey is going to be, transposing my front yard into a edible garden, when I say edible I mean trees, leaves, flowers, vegetables, fruit, everything will be edible.  I know this project will not be quick or easy.  I have many things that I need to accomplish. First thing is my front yard is all rock and cactus.  So my first and hardest step will be to get rid of all the rock and clear out all the desert style plants, I know the easy way would be to hire someone to take it all away but if you are like me I work paycheck to paycheck so I don’t have extra money to throw at this project .  I can do with some hard labor, plus like my son said, who needs a gym to work out when you can have something to show for your workout than just walking on a treadmill.  As I do all this  I will be posting pictures of the progression of my journey.